Welcome to a circle of TWENTY-FIRST-CENTURY WOMEN sharing their life stories.

Just to be clear, we’re not about spirituality in any particular religious sense. The “spiritual” in our name refers to the spark or essence deep inside that is AUTHENTIC, TRUE, and HONEST. And the “feminist” has nothing to do with women ruling the world. Rather, it’s about women coming together and REAWAKENING each other’s INNER SPARK through the sharing of INSIGHT and WISDOM. As such, a “Spiritual Feminist” is a woman that encourages other women to reach higher and become their BEST POSSIBLE VERSION.

Below, without registration, you can write about anything that’s on your mind and happening in your life.  Or, here are two questions you can answer to get the conversation started.

What one area of your life is the most exciting?

What are you major life turning points?


May our eyes see one another. May our ears hear one another. May our hearts touch one another. And may our souls hold one another. ~ mary summer rain

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Nothing exciting yet.. Taking care of my disable parents
That don’t have much time left..I enjoy taking care of them
Although it gets exhausting at time’s.. It makes me happy
I’m single.. So its difficult..

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A woman has the power to boast her individuality. A woman can fall and get up stronger then she was before. A woman ages and turns her beauty into wisdom. Each brand new year gives a woman the courage to reinvent herself. <3 may you see yourself as a being with purpose and when you find the purpose may your creativity shine brightly<3

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I celebrated my birthday yesterday (24/03) besides the gathering fun and food. I realised that there is much more meaning to “celebrating your birthday”. It is a day that you can celebrate you and the role you play on this planet. Celebrate your accomplishments even though you failed on the way to get there. Celebrate your way of thinking even though you got shot down for your opinions. Celebrate your feminine spirit because it drives you even when you felt you were tip-toeing out of your comfort zone just so that you could fit into your dream. Celebrate your gratitude even though you felt unworthy of the many blessings you hold as a unique individual. What is put forward on our paths can only shape you into becoming something greater!
“Live the life you love and love the life you live” because time does certainly fly and you can not waste it being faithless.

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I am a 57 year old woman living in South Africa. 10 years ago my I left my job which I loved, friends and life to follow my husband to live in the country. We only been there for 1 year when he lost his job once again. We’ve been unemployed ever since. My son is supporting me financially and his brother is supporting him. I grew bitter and resentful and no matter how hard I tried, the powerful feelings I feel, just won’t go away. I feel guilty and ashamed.

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Must be honest – all my dirt roads behind me. Taught me wisdom. I am still teaching Yoga and feel great. Very young hearted 66 and positive.

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