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Just to be clear, we’re not about spirituality in any particular religious sense. The “spiritual” in our name refers to the spark or essence deep inside that is AUTHENTIC, TRUE, and HONEST. And the “feminist” has nothing to do with women ruling the world. Rather, it’s about women coming together and REAWAKENING each other’s INNER SPARK through the sharing of INSIGHT and WISDOM. As such, a “Spiritual Feminist” is a woman that encourages other women to reach higher and become their BEST POSSIBLE VERSION.

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May our eyes see one another. May our ears hear one another. May our hearts touch one another. And may our souls hold one another. ~ mary summer rain

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Sara Doolittle

The Voice is a great TV show because it’s always positive.
If you don’t know The Voice it’s a singing contest but that makes a point of always practicing respect and kindness towards the contestants. It’s also a weekly reminder for me to step up to my dreams just as the contestants are doing.
The coaches on the show tell each contestant what unique individuals they are and they’ll do well to continuing following their passion regardless of how far they get on the show.
There was one young woman contestant who clearly loved to sing and be her authentic self. As she confidently sang and marched to a different drummer she moved further and further along in the competition. One night she didn’t make it and that was the last we saw of her on the show. Ugh, I felt so badly for her. Over the previous weeks, her coach’s comments seemed to give the young woman false hope. The young woman lost she seemed shocked when she lost. I whined to her coach through the TV, Why did you get her hopes up?!
The next morning I’m sitting in meditation and, as usual, my thoughts are everywhere. I’m thinking about this or that, before grounding myself to fall more gently into the space I look forward to being in. As my thoughts moved to the young singer, and I started to feel badly for her again, I heard something to the effect of…she was following her bliss. She was putting herself out there and pursuing her dream. And, I got it.
I got that it doesn’t matter whether the voters thought she was good enough to win or not. We can all keep following our hearts, regardless of outcome. We all have something unique and beautiful to offer. As we elevate ourselves, standing in our own power, we elevate the whole world.

Sara Doolittle, Motivational Speaker

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I was told women should not be loud. Guess what? I play in an all-women drumming band with 80+ percussionists and we are the loudest band on earth! Boom!

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