Welcome to a circle of TWENTY-FIRST-CENTURY WOMEN sharing their life stories.

Just to be clear, we’re not about spirituality in any particular religious sense. The “spiritual” in our name refers to the spark or essence deep inside that is AUTHENTIC, TRUE, and HONEST. And the “feminist” has nothing to do with women ruling the world. Rather, it’s about women coming together and REAWAKENING each other’s INNER SPARK through the sharing of INSIGHT and WISDOM. As such, a “Spiritual Feminist” is a woman that encourages other women to reach higher and become their BEST POSSIBLE VERSION.

Below, without registration, you can write about anything that’s on your mind and happening in your life.  Or, here are two questions you can answer to get the conversation started.

What one area of your life is the most exciting?

What are you major life turning points?


May our eyes see one another. May our ears hear one another. May our hearts touch one another. And may our souls hold one another. ~ mary summer rain

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I grew up in a strict Christian home with a lot of…”you can’t do this..we are christian..what will people think” unspoken..but heard loud and clear. I rebelled and did some damage to relationships and my own life and self esteem. Married 28 years and Divorced..now for 10 years. My views on many issues has come full circle..and have also evolved..from religeon to marriage etc.

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I went to catholic school 6th, 7th and 8th grade. I consider myself a recovering catholic. Im pagan now. I believe that whatever one believes, that feels right in their hearts, helps them flourish into kind, supportive, compassionate humans is the right “Religion” for them. I chose to follow the Goddess and the old beliefs today for they are for the better of all, teach love, respect for nature and the earth rather than judgement or punishing. I do believe we’ve had many teachers in our past. Bhuddah, Jesus etc… As long as someone isnt pushing what they believe on me as the only way. Whatever floats your boat as long as it doeant sink mine. Love is my religion and spiritual awareness and awakening is the gift

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A lot of the energy in the world is changing. One thing I have been learning is to bring my feminine existence into balance with the masculine part of my soul. Looking back I know when the masculine and feminine aspects of myself have been out of balance. It’s the times I’ve felt helpless to put it simply. Helpless comes out in many ways in life. I have learned to spend a lot of time in nature and when the weather is not good for that I have crystals in my home and I also enjoy music that brings in sounds of nature and ocean waves. Another way I stay in balance is to stay in my power and know my own personal value. Value might also be known as personal power. I know when to give, when to receive, and when to walk away from bad situations without apology. There have been a lot of hard lessons to get to this point in my life and it’s still a struggle but well worth it to have energetic balance. I still sometimes look back at my younger self, before I began to learn new ways of being, and cringe. What was I thinking with that person I once dated? What was I thinking to have on and on. But again life is about learning and better to show up late than never show up at all.

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After the 9/11 attacks I purchased the book ‘The Faith Club – (A Muslim, A Christian, A Jew) 3 Women Search for Understanding’. The book was very easy to read and the three women were very open and honest about their families, religions, and cultures they were raised in. It was really amazing how they were able to put their differences in a book and come to a deeper understanding while holding onto their friendship.

Today I turned on the TV to hear about the suicide bombing at the Ariana Grande concert in the UK.

When is the world going to come together like the 3 women in the book? We are all different. There is nothing wrong with that. The lack of acceptance is the problem.

Anyone open to a rational conversation on this?

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Sara Doolittle – Motivational Speaker

When Friendships End ~ Years ago I was told, and now experience first-hand, that as I continue to feel better, experience more love, see more beauty everywhere, and realize my own and everyone’s significance, some of my friendships will need to end for my highest and greatest good. I imagine it’s for the other person’s highest and greatest good as well.
To be with someone who chooses to dwell on pain, regret, fear, and hopelessness does not make my heart sing. An occasional challenge is one thing and of course I can be there as a friend. But when I’m around someone who prefers to choose seeing a world of villains, fear, pain, regret, and hopelessness, the joy slips right out of me.
It took me years to practice new habits, higher thoughts, and open up to a bigger picture and to practice living from my higher emotions. As a result, I’m experiencing an abundance of love, cool experiences, ideas, gifts, and lessons that I came here for.
Except for rare occurrences, I don’t live in the dark anymore. And, I’m talking to myself here…it’s not my job to pull anyone along with me. Whatever anyone is feeling and experiencing is exactly as it should be.
I love that I’m learning to cultivate love even through life’s ups, downs, light, and darkness. And I choose to feel the beauty in that. I’m going to let those that choose darkness to fade away.
This way we can each continue creating what we’re choosing, without judgment and without compromising our integrity. I’m stating an intuition to meet other’s I’m excited to be around, show my authentic self, and allow my light to shine!!!!!!!!!!


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So much I could write, but I want to start with this: I felt personally devastated when HRC lost the presidential election. It felt like a loss to all women…to my mother and grandmother, my aunts, my friends, my neighbors, and myself. That she lost the electoral college to THAT made/makes it unspeakably painful. I have learned that the antidote to such pain is some sort of action. For me, that has taken the form of creating a shop-within-a-shop in my Etsy store that benefits a cause that helps women all over the world. Dress for Success is known for putting low-income women into clothing that can help them get work, but it is so much more, involving counseling, work skills, and life skills. It is my small homage to a woman in a pantsuit who has given her all for women. If there is anything I’ve learned in my many years, it is that even something small helps, and may contribute to a bigger whole.

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