Welcome to a circle of TWENTY-FIRST-CENTURY WOMEN sharing their life stories.

Just to be clear, we’re not about spirituality in any particular religious sense. The “spiritual” in our name refers to the spark or essence deep inside that is AUTHENTIC, TRUE, and HONEST. And the “feminist” has nothing to do with women ruling the world. Rather, it’s about women coming together and REAWAKENING each other’s INNER SPARK through the sharing of INSIGHT and WISDOM. As such, a “Spiritual Feminist” is a woman that encourages other women to reach higher and become their BEST POSSIBLE VERSION.

Below, without registration, you can write about anything that’s on your mind and happening in your life.  Or, here are two questions you can answer to get the conversation started.

What one area of your life is the most exciting?

What are you major life turning points?


May our eyes see one another. May our ears hear one another. May our hearts touch one another. And may our souls hold one another. ~ mary summer rain

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Zintos Mofokeng

Your worth and purpose
Worthiness comes from your source, you determine what you allow in your soul as true. Growing up in a black community has shaped my growth as a young woman. I received criticism about my weight, of being fat and unattractive. As a child, I didn’t know better, I believed this ideas about myself and suppressed them. Later on, they manifested into lower self eestem which limited my potential to try new things.
My life took a remarkable turn when I became a student at university, which was an open space for self discovery and empowerment. This notions of ideal body type were contested in seminars which I attended. I realised that being myself is ok, I am worthy and full of potential despite held ideas. What people say does not determine your destiny but how you use your time and gifts, will take you far, you choose what you feed your mind. You have the power and that’s all that matters. There’s no ideal body type because we all made in God’s image and that makes us worthy and priced possession. Shut the noise and focus on your given task. I am in my final year in Psychology and industrial sociology, it has been a humbling and empowering Journey. I choose to believe in myself and my assignment.

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I come from a religious family. I believed it all because I guess its just what everyone else was doing so I never questioned it. Slowly something changed until one day I realized that the women at church could cook, serve, and clean up but never really do anything else. Except gossip and talk about each other. The men did the doing and made the decisions. All I got to do was get up the next day and start the serving up again. When I realized what was happening I felt sick. Eventually I stopped. Its ok because I want my life back.

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Hello! My name is Emma I was born in East Los Angeles. Im 30 years young but feel much older. I had been at war with the world since birth. Raised by a child Rapist Father and a Fear constrained Mother that allowed him everything. Including getting his way with me. Everytime I thought about killing myself something in my heart whispered “No!!” “Don’t”. I married my high School sweetheart out of fear of living on the streets because my Mom did not want me at home. She didn’t undertand my spiritual gifts. She always said I was just too much to handle. She later remarried. Her new young husband was also a child abuser. I tried warning my mother. Years later he raped my teenage neighbor and molested my teenage brother. My then husband saw my brokeness as my vulnerability. He became extremely violent and repeteadly made death threats. I was extremely unhappy. 13 years later I found myself at 279lbs. I was so unhealthy I couldnt have children. I was dead inside. Nothing mattered to me. I remember wishing I would die in my sleep (sleep apnea) All was dark!! Then in 2011 I began having dreams! Lots of dreams!! Really strange dreams ! About Alien UFOs ! Bombs! Earthquakes! Tsunamis!! Fast forward 2012 I decided its time to get healthy (current 210lbs) Then I risked my life to get out of that horrible marriage. I gave up my home, car, career. My family gave up on me for getting a divorce. I was alone and It was too late to back out. I began living on the street and well lets just say the street is no place for a lady. I became very ill. I was malnourished and the hospitals kept putting all kinds of Harmful chemicals into my body. Late 2015 I met my soulmate! His love began to put my pieces back then suddenly In late 2016 I began experiencing seizures and shortly after I suffered a stroke that left my right side nearly paralyzed. All I heard inside was “Dont let go!” I fought day in and day out! Youtube videos! Blogs! I knew there was more!! Last month I woke up fully healed after being guided to try sound therapy healing. Also my healing abilities have recently began surface. THESE ARE EXCITING TIMES! This is all I needed to know!! He lives in me!! I in him!! We are one Spirit! Unstoppable!! Guided by love and light!! Love wins Sistars !! Im so ready to do this!! Lets GO!!! 💪#awakeningthemasses #FOUNDMYPEACE #stubbornheart

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LOVE this site and here I am for the Goddess Awakening party! I’ve been an empath my entire life. It took a long time to understand that I feel other peoples emotions and that was HARD. I have learned to have boundaries in my life and when to say NO and stick to it. Yep…the world is changing and can’t wait to see how it all turns out…..party on!

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Hello! I want to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Mandee Elam. I am 31 and currently live in Aurora, CO, USA. I’m moving home to Vermont and New Jersey in 2 weeks. My plan is to stay in between my Nana’s (Brigantine, NJ, USA) and my Mom’s (Manchester, VT, USA). I feel at home and grounded by the Ocean and Green Mountains. When my health is better come spring, I want to live out of my car, camp around the continental US, renature, and continue writing the book I started writing a few weeks ago.

I quit my job as a Social Worker in December 2016. January started a whirlwind of medical, spiritual and emotional obstacles. I had an awakening and paradigm shifting experience in May of 2017 and have unleashed my self love and inner warrior. Now I’m healing and loving my body for the first time in my life, writing a book, and building a coaching business.. I will share more about all of this with you as we begin to get to know each other!

While beginning to heal, my spiritual gifts have been flooding me. Now that I’m not longer in the lower vibration of fear and anxiety, I’m breaking down walls and barriers left and right. I am so excited to join this community and grow and learn as much as I can. I truly believe that the feminine energy will heal this world. I’m thankful for the internet because it has allowed me to meet like minded women who want to help one another grow and rise. It has given me affirmation and inspiration. I can not wait to see what we all do. All the love and light <3

Mandee Elam

Ps. Feel free to send me a facebook message and introduce yourself. I love meeting new people <3

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