Welcome to a circle of TWENTY-FIRST-CENTURY WOMEN sharing their life stories.

Just to be clear, we’re not about spirituality in any particular religious sense. The “spiritual” in our name refers to the spark or essence deep inside that is AUTHENTIC, TRUE, and HONEST. And the “feminist” has nothing to do with women ruling the world. Rather, it’s about women coming together and REAWAKENING each other’s INNER SPARK through the sharing of INSIGHT and WISDOM. As such, a “Spiritual Feminist” is a woman that encourages other women to reach higher and become their BEST POSSIBLE VERSION.

Below, without registration, you can write about anything that’s on your mind and happening in your life.  Or, here are two questions you can answer to get the conversation started.

What one area of your life is the most exciting?

What are you major life turning points?


May our eyes see one another. May our ears hear one another. May our hearts touch one another. And may our souls hold one another. ~ mary summer rain

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Where I’m from….

I am from a plain manila folder;
From 3M and At-A-Glance.
I am from the plain house in the middle of the block;
Masculine, formulated, cacophonous.
I am from Willow trees;
Strong roots with the tenacity to live.
I’m from Saturday afternoon Little League Games and road trips to Arizona;
From Janice and Virginia.
I’m from the secret keepers and the keepers of secrets;
From “shhhhh” and “smart is better than pretty.”
I’m from dropping to my knees to find my seat down the pew and Wednesday Night Bible Studies.
I’m from Los Angeles and Belfast;
Comfort food and Corned Beef and Cabbage.
From the young couple that loved each other but chose an education instead of their child;
The young man who already had 4 sons but wanted a daughter more than anything;
From the antique hope chest that is new to us;
I am these ordinary items that are only meaningful to three.

My life is a series of events and experiences that has brought me to today and made me the woman I am. I am a culmination of every experience of every woman that has passed through my life. While none have ever stayed, they’ve each given me an experience to share, to make all our journeys a little bit easier.

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La bohème

What’s important to me is to live my life by doing my best to do no harm to another person, animal or the planet. I try to keep the goal in mind at all times and honor myself at the same time. Sometimes that gets tricky but I hope to find a way no matter how small to leave this world a little bit better than I found it.

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I love how my journey has taught me that I am the only one who’s responsible for my inner happiness. I’m at thee happiest place I’ve ever been in my life. No matter what my challenges are, the sweet happy feeling remains untouched. I smile from my toes to deep warm heart which shines through my eyes & lights up the room. Grateful. Happy.

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U r what u believe in.there is nothing so powerful than knowing who u r n wat u want.its very amazing how u wl go thru testing of the too n its one of necklaces u wear arnd alwys.know who u r each day n wat u want.

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