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Meet the Rising Goddess

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I love how my journey has taught me that I am the only one who’s responsible for my inner happiness. I’m at thee happiest place I’ve ever been in my life. No matter what my challenges are, the sweet happy feeling remains untouched. I smile from my toes to deep warm heart which shines through my eyes & lights up the room. Grateful. Happy.

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U r what u believe in.there is nothing so powerful than knowing who u r n wat u want.its very amazing how u wl go thru testing of the too n its one of necklaces u wear arnd alwys.know who u r each day n wat u want.

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Zintos Mofokeng

Your worth and purpose
Worthiness comes from your source, you determine what you allow in your soul as true. Growing up in a black community has shaped my growth as a young woman. I received criticism about my weight, of being fat and unattractive. As a child, I didn’t know better, I believed this ideas about myself and suppressed them. Later on, they manifested into lower self eestem which limited my potential to try new things.
My life took a remarkable turn when I became a student at university, which was an open space for self discovery and empowerment. This notions of ideal body type were contested in seminars which I attended. I realised that being myself is ok, I am worthy and full of potential despite held ideas. What people say does not determine your destiny but how you use your time and gifts, will take you far, you choose what you feed your mind. You have the power and that’s all that matters. There’s no ideal body type because we all made in God’s image and that makes us worthy and priced possession. Shut the noise and focus on your given task. I am in my final year in Psychology and industrial sociology, it has been a humbling and empowering Journey. I choose to believe in myself and my assignment.

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I come from a religious family. I believed it all because I guess its just what everyone else was doing so I never questioned it. Slowly something changed until one day I realized that the women at church could cook, serve, and clean up but never really do anything else. Except gossip and talk about each other. The men did the doing and made the decisions. All I got to do was get up the next day and start the serving up again. When I realized what was happening I felt sick. Eventually I stopped. Its ok because I want my life back.

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