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    Embrace the day with open arms. And at night, before you go to bed, recall the days events and try to arrange them in a pattern that reveals something significant. Repetitive life patterns, especially during times of inner turmoil, will reveal if you are on the right life path. For example – let’s say you started a business but for years have had one set back after another. And after years you are still determined to make it work even at the high cost of becoming unhappy and continually frustrated. Maybe the patterns are telling you that, as much as you want to be an entrepreneur now, you need to take the time to go back to school first. The same goes for relationships. Look where you are placing your own land-mines out now that you will step on later.

    Change is difficult – we are such a stubborn species – but wisdom found in patterns is good.



    This reminds me of the Buddhist philosophy, as I understand it. I don’t know it well, so read my words with a grain of salt. The Buddhists see nothing as good or bad, just things that happen. Even the worst catastrophic event, just might not be, we just have to wait out the results of such an event, and see where the cards fall. It’s our job, to what you’re saying, Darlene. We need to be the blade of grass that bends with the wind. Being an entrepreneur may be our life’s dream but if setback after setback keeps pushing back our dream, perhaps we need to bend like that blade of grass. I love that and I work on being that blade of grass every day!!

    But it’s hard. I wish there were instructions on how to be that blade of grass. Whether it’s entrepreneurship, a relationship or a simple want of a new dress, I’d like to know how people get through these things, like a blade of grass bending with the wind, when the shit hits the fan.

    So I pose the question, if that’s alright. I didn’t start the thread, so I feel like I just hi-jacked it. If not here, then I’d like to start another thread because truly, I’d like to pose the question: how do you pull back, or maybe more appropriately, how do you soothe yourself, when your dreams start to falter?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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