Let’s get the conversation started. Every woman walking the earth today has something important to share, to contribute, to voice her opinion on — and yes, we know there are many times you need advice too.

SpiritualFeminist forums are a safe space for women to listen and be heard. Our site rules invite everyone to participate from a place of openness, honesty, authenticity, and compassion without judgment, malice, or negativity.

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While texting seems to be the preferred way for most of us to communicate these days, the reality is that writing is often a very effective way for us to process our thoughts, discover our voice, and understand our place in the world at large. Many times when we write about a situation we see it differently and more clearly. So rather than text, today we invite you to write in one of our forums. Feel free to choose the one that speaks most to you — or join as many conversations as you like.

Welcome! Come join the conversation on one of the forums below or email us at Darlene@SpiritualFeminist.com  to start one of your own.