Hi! I'm Darlene.

I founded SpiritualFeminist.com to create community and conversation.

What if you could ask your best girlfriend for advice without judgment? Better yet, what if you could ask another woman for her opinion who doesn’t even know you? Someone who has no preconceived notions, who isn’t afraid to be honest, and who can share a unique perspective on a situation because they have absolutely zero relationship to the situation and no tie to any outcome? Sometimes advice like this can be more valuable than you ever thought possible.

So…a little about me. In the corporate world I have been classified as having an INTP (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Perceiving ) Myers-Briggs personality type. In a nutshell, it means I am a quiet, thoughtful, analytical person who likes to spend long periods of time on my own, and deep inside I possess strong creativity and an enthusiasm for novel possibilities. Which is, most probably, why I am here.

Some other random thoughts about me:

  • Pisces/Aries rising (a life with the potential of an ultimate completion).  
  • Lover of daisies and the smell of the earth when it rains.
  • Believe that teaching from a place of truth and integrity is a form of art. 
  • Advocate that you learn from and teach those who are right in front of you. 
  • Big believer in reclaiming strong life/emotional foundations.
  • I seek out, find, and meet head on, my inner most fears.
  • Think that small, personal changes, will alter collective behavior.
  • Favorite fiction book ever: Eva Moves the Furniture by Margot Livesey.

I started this website because life doesn’t have to be as hard as we have made it out to be. The Beatles had it totally right when they sang, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Imagine what our world would be like if everyone were willing to give away something of themselves and their story in order to make the road a little bit easier for another woman?

Ultimately, that is what this site is all about.



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