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About Spiritual Feminist

Spiritual Feminist® . . . where Encouragement is love in action. The rebel women we love are the ones living in gratitude . . . who replace unrest with knowledge, self-awareness, and abundance. Women like these are ready to help other women do the same. These are the women who are rebelling against society’s rules by helping each other overcome obstacles and grow stronger, changing the world we live in. That is what it is to be a Spiritual Feminist and why this site exists: bringing together like-minded women in a global exchange designed to elevate us all.

Values and Vision

This platform is built on trust, respect, and openness; where women can come together to barter their wisdom, talents, and skills. No matter what you are – an herbalist, a graphic designer, a life coach, nutritionist, stay at home mom, or shaman – you have something to exchange. Ask for what you need, or offer what you have to share, and sit back and watch how our world expands as we connect to one another and lift each other up. Please join in. Registration is a breeze, and once you’re in, you can begin this journey of self-discovery, purpose, and potential with your fellow Spiritual Feminists.

About Me

Hi there! I’m Darlene Nelson and I’m a life-long seeker. I began working on the concept of ‘Spiritual Feminist’ in 2013 out of a deep desire to create a place for women to connect. Finding your people is not always easy, but my intention has always been to facilitate the kind of deep connections that make being a woman unique. Tidbits: I was born in the USA, in Texas, but now live near Washington DC with my husband Andy, our cat Duchess, and our dog Lucy. I have a deep soul-love of books and France. My Meyers-Briggs profile is INTP (Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, Perceiving). I love art, poetry, wildflowers and all things mysterious. In truth, I prefer deep dives to small talk. I want to go beneath the surface and get into the nitty gritty of what it’s all about. Tell me about your dreams, fears, music that moves you, what made you who you are and most of all who you want to become. Now come, join me, as a fellow Spiritual Feminist rebel. Let’s get to work helping each other grow in our respective lives, changing the world one kindness at a time, and remembering to DREAM BIG.